First of all, thank you for visiting our tools and resource page. Here you will find all the resource links and sites required for online marketing. We only recommend tools that are reliable and essential for online work.

Domains and Hosting

When it comes to working online, you must have your own website. Many people are very worried about hosting this domain. They do not understand where to get domain hosting services. Below are some resource and discount links for them.

Namecheap – In my opinion, this company is providing the best service at the lowest cost. You can get domain and hosting services from this company. Their support team will solve any of your problems very quickly.

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Bluehost – For those who want to blog and work with search engine optimization, this company’s services will be much better. Their server is very good and also very good in terms of support. They will cost a little more than Namecheap, but a much better company for blogging.

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Hostgator – HostGator is best for entry-level beginners searching for a low barrier to entry hosting service. If you’re looking for one of the easiest and affordable website hosts to help you get your site up and running, HostGator is a great place to start.

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Email Marketing

If you want to do digital marketing or blogging then hopefully you know the importance of email marketing. Email marketing is the blood of online business. That’s why if you want to do business online professionally, you must do email marketing.

GetResponse – In my opinion, their company is the best for starting email marketing at the lowest cost. Here you will find powerful marketing features like email marketing, landing page design and workflow. Here is a 30 day free trial account. You can first check out their services by creating a free account for 30 days. If you like it, you can upgrade to a paid membership if you wish.

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Aweber – Their service is a little better than GetResponse and a little more expensive. However, their platform is very plain and their user interface is also very simple. If you can afford it a little more then their service will be much better for you.

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More resources will be updated here gradually and as mentioned earlier we will only recommend the companies that are best for you.